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Search Engine Marketing is all about knowing  top Search Engines World Some of them like google, altavista, excite, hotbot , aol northernlight may be known to you but there are lots of others which are very important from the searching  and promotion point of view. These top search engines are used by searchers all over the world. hence submission to these top search engines a must. 

Things You Need To Do Before Submitting to Search Engines ?

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Google Search Engine

Google Is Up There The Best. Google search engine ranks your site using their unique page rank system which relies on link popularity Google interprets a link from page A to Page B as a vote by page A, For page B.

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Search Engine

Altavista which means "a view from above". Altavista Is A Full -Text Search Engine. That Means That It Will Index Every Keyword On Your Page. keyword near the top carry more weight then keywords further down. AltaVista search engine Also looks at keywords tag, comments tags and headings when determining relevance.

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Lycos Search Engine

Lycos is said to do their spidering instantly which means that your site can be indexed within 24 hours after submit. Lycos search engine not give preference meta tags importance is given to the content on top of the page and the title.

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Fast(All the Web) Search Engine

It Is Not Called Fast For Nothing .with an average response time is less than half a second per search. it is the fastest search engine of them all. Fast search engine is also known as alltheweb.

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Search Engine

Hotbot Takes Its Result For Inktomi And also shares the index of lycos. Hotbot search engine is owned by lycos. 

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Scrubtheweb Search Engine

Scrubtheweb is A very Good Search Engine.

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Msn Search Engine

Microsofts Search Engine Good Site With Lots Of Information. (Msn -Microsoft Network)


Aol(America Online) Search Engine

Aol Search engine Gets All Its Information From Opd.

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Netscape Search Engine

Gets Most Of The Information From Opd

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WiseNut Search Engine  

 Up-to-date index on almost 1.5 billion pages, including site categorization and international search support


TrueSearch Search Engine

Search engine actively removes dead links


Do You Know Things You Need To Do Before Submitting to Search Engines ?

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