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20 Steps To Improve Your Ranking Now !

The main aim of search engine optimization and registration is to increase your visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. Normally a search engine ranking in 1 to 10 results is the most important step for web site promotion for all the webmasters. (Which is very possible with proper search engine optimization) To achieve good Positioning you have to be as better than  the best. This page show you ways to optimize and improve search engine results with ranking and promotion advice and tips to improve your search engine keywords relative to existing leaders. As to rank well with certain keywords is objective of your websites. But the best part of web site promotion is still all major search engine are free to submit to. Remember always follow the leader for improvement of search engine ranking. For all major search engines, your search position, placement optimization, and ranking are commonly controlled by title tag, meta tags, top of page text etc hence you need to understand it properly to systematically promote your website.

Before Submitting To Search Engines It Is Very important to understand search engine optimization to get a good ranking with them  In order to achieve good rank you need to go through each and every step given on this page carefully.

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1)Detemine your keywords. 

A) Identify the keywords which people are expected to put in the search engines when they are going to search for your website. This is not difficult at all just ask yourself which keywords you would use to search your website and make a list of all those keywords. 

B) Go to any good 5 Search engines and search for those keywords and then visit the top 5 websites listed by each one of them and study their meta tags and titles. and store them in a file.

Click Here To Get A List Of Top 20 Search Engines.
Top 20 Search Engines

C) You should now have hundreds of keywords now put them in order of how likely they are going to used by the visitors as the search words. if you are not sure of that then arrange them according to their rank in the search engines.

D) Two great resources for finding out what keywords are the most effective are the Search Suggestions Page and WordTracker Both these resources are totally free (Luckily).


It helps you develop lists of relevant keywords, ranked by their popularity. It then it checks the major search engines to determine which keywords are the least competitive. Normally there is not much use targeting a popular keyword as the competition is much more On the other hand, a relevant keyword that only gets a few searches a day but which has only a few pages competing is better as you stand a good chance to achieve high ranking with them.

Goto Suggestions Page

Go Suggestions Page

On Goto's search suggestion page, you just type in a very general keyphrase (like "search engine ranking" ) and it tells you all of the more specific keyphrases that relate to that keyphrase and how many hits they got in the last month. 

2)Creating the most important tag of them all <TITLE> tag.

Title tag is in the head section of your webpage and lots of search engines use it 
and can improve your rankings tremendously in combination with other factors(like met tags, alt, heading, hyperlinks etc). Title Tag Is very important for search engine optimization hence should contain the most important keywords of your website.

<TITLE>Improve your search engine ranking by preparing your pages for the search engines, meta tag optimization</TITLE> 

So what you do is look at your keyphrases, make a list of all the important words, and create a title tag that uses them. Browsers only display the first few words of a title tag (whatever fits into the title bar of the window). so the rest can be just a list of keywords. 

Your Title Tag Should generally Be fewer than 14 words. 


3)Meta tags

Meta tags go in the <HEAD> </HEAD> segment of your html document and are especially for search engines.

The two meta tags which are most important from the search engines point of view are "Description" and "Keywords" tag.

Meta Description Tag
Description-Some Search Engines use the content of the description tag as the site description in their result and also look in description tag for keyword matches.

Syntax Of Meta Tags 
(Check Your Syntax Two Times)
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Improve your ranking in search engines  Free search engine submissions, web site promotion, advice keywords selection and meta tag formation ">

Keep The length of this description is keep it between 100 and 200 characters. 

Search Engine Ranking Optimization Advice:- Description is displayed in search results by the search engines to the user hence it should be formed with great care and look good because there is no point even if you have the best ranks in search engines but no visits  your site.

Meta Keywords Tag

Meta Keywords Tag-this tag is not shown. it only tells the search engines what keywords are important for the particular page.

Syntax Of Meta Tags 
(Check Your Syntax Two Times)
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="improve search engine ranking, positioning, free search engine optimization, free web site promotion, web site submission, ranking optimization, increase website traffic, meta tags keywords advice, keywords, directory submission guideline , consultation for improvement in ranking">

Ranking advice:- Keep your keywords meta-tag length between 200 and 500 characters. 

Important: Each keyword in your META tags must also appear within your content to avoid spamming penalties. Also, consider common misspellings [sic] as additions to your keyword lists. 

Visit Our Meta Tags Page For More Information


4)Comments Tag
Some Search engines do index comments tag you should include comment tags in your page with all the important keywords in it. This Tag will not improve your ranking considerably but every little bit helps.
Syntax of Comments tag

<!-- consultation for improvement in ranking ,free web site promotion, positioning,  web site submission, ranking optimization, increase website traffic, meta tags keywords advice, keywords, directory submission guideline-->

Better search engine positioning Tip:-The Comment Tag Should Be Included In Different locations of your document But Change The Order In Which The Keywords Appear In Them Otherwise You Might Get Penalized For Spamming.


<!-- Comment: one, two, three-->

<!-- Comment: three, two, one-->

<!-- Comment: Two, one, three-->


5)Alt Tag
These tags are basically used to give search engines information about the images on the page as search engine cannot read the images.
These Tags Are Not Visible To The User Like The Meta Description Tags .

<IMG SRC="my-top-of-page.gif" ALT=" keyword - list - here" HEIGHT=124 WIDTH=500> 

Web site promotion advice:- You Can Include some misspelled keywords in this tag as it is not visible to the user.



Hyper Links Not Much Attention Is Paid To It But A Very Important Part Of Your Webpage Which Can Help You Improve Your Rankings Include Your Keywords In Hyper link where ever possible As It Will Help You Achieve The Ranking Which You Dream Of.

Note:- Keywords In Hyperlinks Will Improve Your Rankings In Google

Suppose Your Sites Keyword Is  "Free Search Engines Optimization"
And You Decide To Give A Link Back to My Web Site You  Can Have The Keyword Free Search Engine Optimization  As It Will Improve Your Ranking.

The Text Which is just before the hyperlink or Follows the hyperlink is also very important. but remember all this will be visible to the user hence utmost care should be taken when this is done. 




Headers were originally intended to emphasize certain words on a page, allowing a quick way to bold and enlarge text without having to change font tags back and forth. Generally Include keywords in heading tags where ever possible as it will improve your ranking with certain search engines.

<H1>Meta Tag Optimization</H1>

<H2>Directories submission guidelines</H2>

<H3>ranking war of Top Search engine</H3>

You Cannot hide headers, and it's debatable as to how effective their use is for promotional purposes. However, if you can - it can't hurt to emphasize a word or two using header tags, preferably near the top of your document.

Lycos Gives Lots Of Importance To Header Tags


8)First Paragraph

The First Paragraph Of The Page is very important place as top part of your webpage is given more importance then the text below. repeat every thing in your first paragraph that you included in your meta keywords, description tag and title tags. 

Keep the first paragraph as close to the <BODY> tag as possible. Do Not put any graphics or other HTML in front of your first paragraph as much as you can. Also, use the <H1> or <H2> tag to emphasize your opening sentence.

The success of your site promotion to the search engines can depend upon the first 300 words, or so, which must be at or very near the top of your pages for good web promotion and meta tags optimization. 

Note:- Lycos Concentrates A Lot On The First paragraph


9)Page Names

The Names Of The Pages In Your Website Should Be Your Keywords For Example If your website is Selling Furniture And You have A Page For Wooden Furniture Then The Page Should Be Named As.




This Help You Improve Your Ranking As Some Search Engines Consider This In Their Algorithm.



10)Emphasised text

The Text Which Appears In Bold Or Italics In Your Webpage Is Given Importance By Many Search Engines So Try And Have Your Keywords Emphasized To Improve Your Ranking.


Search engine ranking     -  (<b> </b> for making the text bold)

Improve Search engine ranking  (<i> </i> for making the text italics)



11)Using Table

Use tables in your webpages the ideal location for doing this is after the first paragraph where ever possible as there is a indication that search engines rank pages better who are with table take this step very seriously.

12)Link Popularity

Link popularity means getting other sites to link to you. The more links you have from quality site the better your rank gets.

High link popularity is a must some where around 50+ quality sites should have links back to you this is not easy unless you have a quality site.

Get listed in as many search engines as possible and directories.

Visit Linkleads to get sites who are ready to exchange links with you.


13)Say no To spamming

Do Not Try And Cheat search engines in any way because if you do and you are caught (which is very likely as search engines are improving by every hour) you will be banned from the search engines for life and there is some evidence now that search engines are sharing the list of the websites which spam with each other. 


14)Check Your Site Before Submission

Your site should have no broken link, no spelling mistakes, should have good design, should be optimized properly, should be compliant with all top browsers like netscape, internet explorer, opera, there should be no html tag mistakes etc.

Visit These Free Resources Who Check errors in your site if any -general checking for your website - to check compliance with top browsers


15)Register With  The Directories

Register With Three Most Important Directories On The Internet As Search Engines give A Boost in ranking To Pages Which Appear In These Directories and Also Display Their Secondary Result From Them Getting Into Them Is Very Difficult Though.

Top 3 Directories

Yahoo Directory 

Open Directory Project


Directory Submit Guidelines

Visit Our Directory Submit Guidelines Page

16)Register With The Top  Search Engines

Remember The Maximum Traffic You Will Get Is Through The Top Search Engines So When you Are New To The World Of Web site Promotion Stick  Top 20 Search Engines For Promotion And Concentrate On Them.

To Get A List Of Top 20 Search Engines Visit Our Top 20 Page

To Get A List Of  AddUrl Page Visit Our Add Url page

To Get A List of Free Auto Submit Sites Click here


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17)Check Your Search Engine Placement

See How You Have Done In The Ranking Exams Visit All Top Search Engines And Monitor Your Rank By Typing The Url Of The Pages Of Your Website.

WebPosition Gold Software  -WebPosition Gold makes it easy to monitor your search positions.

Cybernovae  - To Check the rank of your site.

18)Don't remove pages, ever!

As your site grows and matures, you may be tempted to remove older pages. Don't. Many search engine algorithms take into account the length of time a page has been sitting in an index. So removing those pages can kill your search engine traffic.


19)Re Submit To Search Engines Periodically

Resubmit Your Updated pages to search engines Every 15 Days.

Positioning advice for webmasters visit the following page to start promoting your site for free now!!

Manual Submit (New Search Engines Added Regularly)

Auto Submit    (Free Auto Submit To 400+ Search Engines And Directories in One click)

WebPosition Gold Software
 -WebPosition Gold makes it easy to monitor your search positions.

20)If You Have Money?

Consider Paid Submissions To Search Engines like where you can bid on the keywords and the highest bid gets the top rank placement in search engines.

If You Are A New Webmaster or you are short on time we can do search engine optimization for you at a very nominal cost visit our Hire Me page for more details.

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