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Free search engine optimization, ranking, web site promotion, keywords advice, placement for designers. How-To keyword design.

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Search Engine Submission And Optimization Very Important Phase Of Website Promotion Infact Nearly 70%  to 80% Of Your Website traffic Will Be From Them Most Of The Search Engines Are Still Free To Submit To (Thank God!!!) But There Is No Point In Just Submitting To Them If Your Rank not seen in top 30

Suppose you had A Website On "promotion" Which Is Just Launched You Submit It To Top 30 Search Engines All Of Them Have listed You But Your Rank Is Never In Top 30 In Any one of Them All Your Efforts Are Wasted.

The Worst Part Is Suppose You want To Re-Submit To Improve Your Rank It Will Take Around 1 To 3 Months For The Search Engines Update Their Database As There Are thousands Pages Submitted Regularly Hence Your precious time is wasted and remember always time is money.

 The Submission Has To Be done to the right search engines and according to the requirement of each one of them as no two search engines have the same algorithm.

The submission to directories has its own set rules and utmost care has to be taken while doing it as one mistake rejects your submission and then the wait of 3 to 4 weeks

If You Do Not Have the time And  resources we will do website promotion for you at a very nominal cost  to 200+ search engines and directories and if your business is regional we will also get you listed in the regional search engines and directories with good ranks plus we will give you information about other ways of promotion on the internet for your website.

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Search Engine Optimization, Ranking, Web Site Promotion, Advice, Placement