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What is a  Search Engines Themes?

"Themes" means indexing the entire site as a whole. As a page is added to a search engine, it goes back to its database, pulls out all pages from that domain and indexes the entire set of pages as one.


How is Search Engines Theme Determined?

The theme indexer first pulls out titles and indexes that data, then it indexes1` meta tags, then major headings on a page, then the text content of all the pages, finally it looks at all the links on the site.


Search Engine Themes and Link Popularity

Search Engines can use their assembled theme data to detect links that are in or out of context. If Alta has determined your site is about rocket ships and you have a set of unrelated links, they won't give those links near the weight in the algorithm. This has the effect of thwarting what we are trying to do here to a small degree.


Keyword Placement For Search Engines Themes

To fully incorporate the theme into your Website, it's essential to make the main keywords prominent and obvious not only to the spiders, but also to the user. To make sure that the spiders know your theme and which keywords you're targeting, you should include your keywords in certain HTML tags. For starters, make sure that your target keywords for each page appear at the top of the page in an <H1> or <H2> tag. Also place your keywords in other prominent places on the page, and inside bold tags. This allows the spiders to pick up the target keyword as the main topic of the page, and will also let the user know what the page focuses on.


How To Become Successful With Search Engines Themes?

To begin, break your content into its main categories. From those main categories, you'll want to refine the information to a more specific level, but don't make it too specific. These secondary layers will be your sub-categories. One level of refinement beyond these, and you will have created specific topics. From there, the only need to extend into another level should be for statistical information, help, or another method of user-assistance.

On our generic football league Website, a category might take on the following structure:

Football League Homepage
League's Eastern Conference Teams Listing
Specific Eastern Conference Team Profile
Team Statistics, Rosters, Player Profiles, etc.
Why Categories Work for the Search Engines
As you can see, this method of theming your content not only helps establish a more usable Website, but it actually helps your position within the search engines too! Why does it work so well?

The primary reason a themed approach helps you obtain high ranks is because it breaks the Website down into more refined content areas. This allows spiders, bots and crawlers that look into your Website to follow an obvious pathway from the homepage on to your more specific information. Most importantly, your homepage or index sets a theme that the spiders can follow, resulting in very high placements.


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