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Search engine tactics and tips as well as common-sense answers that most people neglect to mention in search engine optimization sites. Bruce insists on having good content on your site and preparing it thoroughly before submitting to search engines. This is a top ranking site on most search engines. Bruce knows what he's talking about.
Robert Woodhead's site SelfPromotion is loaded with helpful tips on getting good search engine rankings. There are links to Robert's articles that are packed with information on keywords and useful tags. There's a great section on getting listed in Yahoo! and a submission tutorial you can take. If you decide you want to purchase tools, you pay what you think they're worth.
It's unashamedly full of promotional links but this site is packed full of great information that covers all the aspects of search engine submission and optimization. Jim Rhodes gives the insider tips of the professionals, clear instructions and easy to understand information that can take you step-by-step through the process of preparing and optimizing for search engines. He covers all the things you need to know before submitting, how to optimize your site and how the search engines work. Jim has a FAQ page for quick reference and a good spam-free message board for your questions.
Bob Massa of Magic-City offers you his insider tips on search engine optimization. His hints are down-to-earth and he encourages ethical search engine submission. He doesn't promise to get a top ten listing for you just by following his suggestions, his aim is to help you get a higher ranking. Bob profiles the major search engines and directories, giving indexing times for each (both reported and confirmed times), and tricks for specific search engines.

This site is the ultimate resource for webmasters. Jim Wilson's Virtual PROMOTE will expand your knowledge with simple tools and articles. It's full of links to other great resources on the Internet. Take a look at the JimTools section for linking, positioning, keyword tools and more. Jim's guest tutorials are written by industry leaders to give you the edge in your field. Jim has a great weekly Gazette that's full of information about Internet marketing and promotion. is a comprehensive resource center for both web searchers and webmasters. It provides tools and techniques for search engine optimization, submission and maintenance. It also has an extensive list of search engines and directories as well as tips for effective searching. It constantly refreshes its content to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.
Pay per click search engines are a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site. Top Search Engine Ranking is a free resource to help with marketing your site. Help with keywords, titles and selecting effective page names for optimal ranking on the search engines, additional pages you should submit to them. Tips on optimizing pages for each search engine.
Essential tips and insider information about search engines and directories from Danny Sullivan. 'Spotlight' section on news from search engines and directories. Reviews, ratings and tests section - tests search engines for various abilities, advantages, common factors and compares them to each other. This site is definitely worth a look. There's a helpful page of links to search engine resources. is a site dedicated to helping people with all things search engine. There is heaps of information regarding search engine positioning and cloaking.
Heaps of helpful information about what search engines are, what they do, what differentiates them from directories. All the information about different search engines has been collected for you. You can compare the different indexing of the top search engines. Large amounts information on submitting to Yahoo!.
Which search engines have partnerships? Does linking at one help you get into another? This site is crammed full of tips and tricks to get your site ranked highly. There are several articles that will interest search engine submitters. Includes tactics for using spiders to your advantage and evading the bad ones. You'll discover how to use search queries to reach and define your target audience. There's a lot to take in here, so make sure you have time to take a good look around. has a search engine submission tutorial and lots of good resources for optimizing your site for the search engines and directories. There are many good links to articles and sites.

IBiz ImproveRanking
12 pages of helpful information about creating an optimized website. You'll find the content and links to tools useful. There are good hints on keyword choices and density, advice on how not to spam the search engines and improving your ranking through links.

Learn from Jim Daniels' experience with search engines and Internet promotion. Jim addresses search engine optimization by link popularity, as well as other aspects of promotion that include search engines. Freeware downloads and trial versions of software.
You'll find a good reference tool here for learning about the most popular search engines. WebPromotionHQ believes that anyone can have a top ten ranking in the search engines if they follow the rules.
Several short pages of information about how to gain top rankings by employing some tactics and avoiding others. The basic dos and don'ts of the search engines. If you're having trouble getting the right keywords, meta tags and density of these, you'll find this information helpful.
Supersoft-solutions offers you an effective position checker, URL submission, meta tag generator. There's a source of marketing news and information where you can find tips and secrets that have helped others to succeed. Their Web Based Articles On Search Engines page is full of good content from some search engine optimization industry leaders. This news page links to helpful information, some of which is up-to-the-minute with the latest news from search engines.
Here's a short page that you can visit once a week to get a gem of information about submitting to search engines. With a different tip every week, you're bound to find some new and useful hints to make your site rank higher.

A great page where there are many links to useful tips. 'Brainchild' takes you through the logical process of why and how you should be listed in and optimized for a search engine, then on to basic ways of optimizing your site. You'll find out what to do and what to avoid doing in submitting your site to search engines. A comprehensive tips site, they're professionals who don't mind giving away free ideas to their visitors.

Globalnet offers a free promotion tips newsletter as well as free downloads to help you drive traffic to your website. The Globalnet Web Position Analyzer will optimize your keywords and improve your search engine ranking. The Globalnet Promotion Spider will list your web pages and keywords on all of the major search engines and popular links pages.

Brian Coryat
Brian Coryat gives a guest tutorial at, on one of the valuable pages of this site. Here are his tips for optimizing for search engines. Brian has been working in search engine optimization longer than anyone on the Internet, he claims to have the first such business, so you can be assured he knows his stuff.
SearchEngineWorld is a great source of articles and information about all things related to search engines. It has tips, tricks, news, meta tag information and more.
If you're searching for help about having the top listing at, here's the place to start. Take a look around all the pages GoTo has to offer. These pages were designed to save time, both for you and for You can also relate these helpful tips to any search engine submission. tells you how to create a listing using relevant terms, so that your listing will get targeted traffic.


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Winning the Affiliate Game
Winning the Affiliate Game

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