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What exactly is a pay per click search engine?

From a searcher's point of view it is the same as a normal search engine, except that the results are business and product related.

From an advertiser's point of view it is an excellent way to get cheap targeted traffic.

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A pay per click search engine allows you to open an account and deposit some money as a starting balance. With this, you enter your site's URL, title and description and bid on relevant keywords. A site selling widgets would bid on keywords such as, "widgets," "small widgets," "blue widgets" etc.

What makes it so good is that someone who has searched for your product is already qualified when they come to your site, which is selling the product they're looking for. 

Why Advertise with Pay Per Click Search Engines?

As getting free traffic from search engines is getting harder and harder these days. So now might be time to consider getting cheap traffic instead, using pay-per-click search engines. Pay-Per-Click search engines, however, offer the promise of guaranteed visitors, for the keywords of your choice.


Top Pay Per Click Search Engines



Overture (formerly GoTo)     

Overture (formerly GoTo) is the original (and most popular) pay-per-click search engine.

The King of pay per click search engines, Overture has a well organized system. You can bid for rankings and also choose the description and title you want, which provides highly targeted traffic to your website. You can control your bids at all times and adjust them, based on the quality of your results. Especially handy is the Search Term Suggestion Tool, which shows you how often people search for a particular word or phrase.

If you're in the top 10 at Overture, your link appears when someone searches using Dogpile meta search engine. If you're in the top six, you'll also appear in Metacrawler searches.

The huge advantage of this kind of advertising is that you pay only when someone actually visits your site.

Overture is also one of the most expensive, and competitive. A quotation taken from their sign-up page:

"A $50 initial deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to click-throughs or to the minimum monthly spend. Each account has a $20 minimum monthly spend. There is a minimum bid requirement of $0.10 per click-through."

Overture do have tough anti-fraud measures in place - always evolving, obviously - so there is far less chance of receiving so-called 'bogus clicks' using Overture.

And Overture has an impressive search engine reach, with its results found in "Sponsored Listings" in many search engines.

You can currently choose from Fast Track or Self Serve sign-up options.


Verdict: If you're serious about generating targeted traffic to your site, but less bothered about minimum (or maximum!) bid amounts etc. then you should consider signing-up with Overture.

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There are other pay-per-click search engines worth considering.  

All of the pay per click search engines listed below have considerable reach, and can guarantee visitors to your site (often at a much cheaper cost than Overture etc.)

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