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Top Ranking In Google Search Engine.

Google Search Engine  is up there in no 1 spot because its is called best search engine as of now. Google ranking is basically done on the basis of page rank system. According to this system sites are given importance on the basis of link popularity that means the number of links that point to your site, the quality of the links that point to your site, and the text around the links that point to your site submission google search engine is free so free website promotion for you .

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Get Top Ranking At Google Search Engine.

1.Get your site into Open Directory

If you get your site into open directory project you will improve your ranking considirebly in google search engine but getting into opd should not be difficult if you have good website and submission is done properly. try and include all your important keywords in title and description when you submit to opd. Once you get into opd you will automatically get into google search engine directory. Hence getting into opd is the most important step in improving your ranking in google search engine.

Guidelines To Submit To A Directory

2.Google Does Not Support

Google Search Engine Does Not Support Meta Tags, Comments, Alt tags.

3. Google Submission Penalty

If You Submit To Google Search Engine You Are Given Slight Submission Penalty And This Penalty Is Removed Only When Google Crawler Finds Your Site On Its Own. 
The secret to getting listed by Google Search Engine is simple: Get Another Page To Link To You, then submit the other page to Google.

4.Getting A Higher Link Popularity Score

To Get Top Ranking In Google Search Engine You Have to find out the link popularity score of the page which ranks first.
To get the score you need to just install google toolbar into your browser (Google Toolbar Is Available On The Search Page). After Installing The Toolbar visit the page whose score you want to check a number from 1-10 that's roughly a log scale of your raw popularity score will appear as a green bar at the top of your browser.

The Most Important information comes from clicking on Page Info Button and then Backward Links. There, you'll find out how many Other pages are linking to this target page.

 The Quality of the link also counts in google so if you get a link back from it will be of much higher count then a link back from some ffa page. 

5. Title Tag

Title Tag Is very important to get good ranking with google search engine so try and have the top three keyword atleast in the title.

6.Headings at the top of the page.

Keep the keywords in the beginning of the page in h1 or h2 tags this thing will do well with google search engine.

7. Spread The Keywords

You should spread the keywords throught out the page as some times google search engine take into account text from middle of the page or bottom of the page. 

8.Keywords in hyperlink

Always have your keywords preferably in hyperlinks and the text just after the hyperlinks which help you to improve your rankings at google search engine.

9.Emphasised Words 

Emphasised Words are given slight preference in google search engine over other words on the page hence try and make your important keywords bold or italic.

Other Information About Google Search Engine

Submission Times - Google Search Engine takes  Around  4-6 weeks for your site to be listed in their index after submission.
The following search engines or directories give results to Google Search Engine: 

Open Directory 

The following search engines get secondary results from Google Search Engine:


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