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How To Create Doorway Pages!! 

Written by Edward Gause.

You've submitted your web page to hundreds of search engines, but every time you check your traffic stats, you don't see the flood of visitors you were expecting. What's the problem, why aren't they coming?

The problem is low relevancy. You don't rank high enough to be found. The average web surfer is only going to look at three, maybe four pages of results on his search term before locating what he's looking for or entering a new search. Bottom line, if you're not listed at or near the top, you won't be found!

The solution to getting a top ranking is to use doorway pages. A doorway page is simply a web page designed to rank high on a search engine for a particular keyword. To the average surfer, it looks like any other page on your site. They are very easy to build and quite effective in drawing traffic to your site.

With that in mind, let's build a doorway page specifically designed for using a real company:

E-Commerce Exchange

E-Commerce Exchange offers merchant account processing solutions for Internet storefronts. A very competitive arena indeed!

Step 1. Visit's search term suggestions page: Here, we'll enter the search term "merchant account".

Below are the top 10 relevant keywords searched on during the month of February:

2648 merchant account
866 natalie merchant
749 direct merchant bank
550 merchant of venice
478 merchant marine
402 the merchant of venice
395 merchant
282 merchant services
259 free merchant account
180 merchant bank

Step 2. Using your favorite HTML editor, create a new page with the file name "merchant-account.html". Let's used "merchant account" as our target keyword and "merchant services" and "merchant bank" as our alternates. Use the following meta tags in your page heading (the section between <head> and </head>).

<TITLE>Merchant Account from E-Commerce Exchange</TITLE>

<META NAME="keywords" content="merchant account, merchant services, merchant bank">

<META NAME="description" content="Merchant account processing solutions for your Internet storefront">

We also need to repeat our target keyword throughout the main body of the page. Use the alternate key words as well. Link the keywords to your home page. This is how you "open the door" to your visitors. For an example of how this is done and brevity of this article, look at the home page at to see what the body text looks like.

That's it! You now have a key-word rich doorway page, including the file name itself (merchant-account).

Step 3. Once the page is done, upload it to your server and submit it to the search engines. You will want to submit MANUALLY to the engines that send out "robots" to spider web sites (AltaVista, Hotbot, Excite, etc). Unfortunately, because each search engine uses different algorithms, a unique page will have to be done for each one. Not to worry! I have a solution for that too!

There are several software packages available that help you to create doorway pages, but I've found WebPosition GOLD to be the best. WPG let's you analyze each search engine and provides advice on what and how much to change in your pages. You can create "keyword specific" doorway pages AND submit them to each of the major search engines. In a couple of hours, I was able to create 260 pages! You can get the free version at WebPosition Gold

Create separate pages for various keywords relevant to your site content for each search engine. In this example, we could have also created separate doorway pages using keywords "credit card" or "shopping cart". Use your imagination.

Finally, make sure you check each search engine's submission rules before posting your doorway pages. Some allow multiple submissions and some don't. I'll see you at the top!!


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About the author:
Edward Gause is webmaster of the Cynted Internet Marketing Center and publisher of the Cynted Chronicle, a bi-weekly ezine targeting the interests of novice netmarketers. Get the latest advice, tips, tools and software for building a successful online career. To subscribe:

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