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ODP - Open  Directory Project Submission Guidelines!!

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ODP - Open  Directory Project Submission Guidelines

Remember Opd - Open Directory Project Is Most Important Submission On The Internet.

Open Directory Project (OPD) is a internet directory just like yahoo. They have  35,000 editors who review submissions in their spare time. Theses Editors need to approve your site in order to get into OPD. 

ODP data is now used by the majority of major search engines on the net. This makes OPD the most important place on the internet to get your site into. The rewards from a quality listing in the ODP will come more from other search engines than the ODP site at itself.

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 Sites Using OPD Data

Ask Jeeves

Direct Hit

Google Directory



Another 75+ Sites Take Data From Opd.


Ground Work Before Submission Of Your Site.

Your Site is going to be viewed by volunteers who do this in their spare time hence the submission guideline need to be followed to the dot. Any mistakes will result in rejection of your submission. please visit official ODP Guidelines for submission before you start.  

Points To Remember Before Submission

1)Never add mirror sites to opd mirror sites means two or more sites with the same content.

2)Do disguise and submit your Url more then once.

3)Run a spell checker on your site before submitting it to opd. There should be no spieling or grammatical error on your site.

4)Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.

5)Do not submit site with illegal content.

6)Do not submit sites which are not complete any site with any under construction sign will get rejected

7)Submit pornographic sites to the appropriate category under Adult. 

8)Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World. 

9)Do not submit sites basically consisting affiliate links

10)Check the above 9 points twice before submission


Finding The Correct Category For Your Site.

Not only for OPD but for any directory you submit to the category is the most important thing you have to submit your site to the right category in order to get into the directory.


But How Do I Find the Right Category For My Site?

Well It's Easy

You should do a search for your sites url and title before submitting. It helps to double check to see if your site has already been added. Many editors will find sites to add on their own.

Search for the main keywords of your site. The result which you will get will have 3 to 4 categories. Go to each of the category and see the description of that category if given and based on that select the most appropriate category for your website. 

Click On Add Url Link In the appropriate category which will open up submission page for that category.


Details Of Submission Page

Url Of Your Site

Enter The URL to your site. Check the url for typing errors.


The best solution here is to have the official name of the company with your top keywords.


Description Of Your site

Description should be less than 30 words.

Do not use any HTML tags in the description

Always Write in complete sentences and/or descriptive phrases using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling.

Do not use all capital words in your description.

Do not capitalize every word in your sentence.

Always have a different description than your title.

Do use promotional language and strings of key words and search terms. remember your site is going to viewed by humans and not bots.


Email Address- Always provide your email address though optional some editors inform why your site has been rejected. They Also inform when your site gets accepted in opd.


Acceptance of Submission

Normally Submission are accepted from 1 To 3 Weeks. If your site gets accepted it may require anything for few weeks to months for the data to appear in other search engines.


Re Submission for Rejected Websites

If your site is not accepted after 3 weeks you should resubmit it.

Only after submitting 3 times you should contact the category editor and drop in a polite note asking for reason on non inclusion in the directory. The email of the editor is at the bottom on the category page.

If you are absolutely convinced that your site is eligible for being accepted by the Open Directory, then the fact that your site is not being accepted may signify one of two things:

i) The editor of that category is inactive, i.e. he/she has not been reviewing sites for a long time.

ii) He/she is your competitor, and does not want to list you.


Submission of more than one page for a website

Some sites may qualify for multiple listing. Do so only when you have deep content in your website any attempt to cheat the directory will result in the deletion of both the urls.

The Editors might be restrictive about deep linking so it would be very important to submit multiple pages to the most appropriate category. 


Other Important Opd  Links

Official Submission Instruction  

ODP's Editor Guidelines Page


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